Juicy Couture Cookies

A  friend  asked me to make some Juicy Couture cookie favors for her friends Sweet 16 party. I had so much fun making these!  They were pink, girly, and sparkle-y. All my favorite elements for making cookies. It was also my first time working with edible images. It was the only way I could duplicate the complicated logo for the purses and have it look accurate. I normally just freehand all my cookies. I used a square cutter and the stone from an engagement ring cutter for the perfume bottle. I added luster dust and disco dust for some sparkle. I tied them up with a custom tag, wedding tulle and ribbon. I love when I can get creative with cutters that I already have and make something new with them. I tied them up with black wedding tulle and pink ribbon and added a tag with a little bling on it.





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