Pink Paris Bunco Party

I have been playing Bunco for the last 14 years with the same friends. We each take turns hosting the monthly party and I  l usually plan my chosen month  around the current holiday. I did a last minute switch with someone and Valentine’s Day  had just passed and it was still too early to think shamrocks. I chose  a fun pink Paris party theme. I had not yet put away my pink plates and candles from Valentines Day (I love pink!) My friend Amber bought me a beautiful copper Fleur de Lis cutter from her trip to New Orleans and I had a new poodle cutter I was dying to try out. I printed off the bunco score sheets to look like a French passport. I found an Eiffel tower and poodle images on Google images.  I wrapped the prize money in little pink lunch bags from Michael’s, and added a tag and ribbon to the bag.

On the menu was French Onion Dip, Artichoke Jalapeno Dip, mini quiches, apple slices with  cheese, pink macarons filled with chocolate ganache, Paris themed cookies, chocolate cherry bark( recipe from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)  French Berry sparkling lemonade (Trader Joe’s) and pink champagne.


3 thoughts on “Pink Paris Bunco Party

  1. I am so sad I had to miss your bunco and these yummy adorable cookies. You know they are my favorite. I am so excited you started this blog so I can check out your cuteness.

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