That’s How I Roll


All lined up cooling after baking



Above left: Playing around with blue color for detailing, dried flooded cookies, adding details. using Sugarbelle’s trick of lined paper to line up the lines evenly, bottom right



Mixing up icing, note all the flavors, I love icing that tastes really good. I usually use a combination of vanilla, almond, butter, and citrus flavors.



Clean up as I work!



My sprinkles are organized by color, just like my ribbon and paper in my scrapbook room.



My bottles and tips, my beloved PME tips have a special case of their own on the right. I LOVE my PME tips I switch off between bottles and bags, depending on what I am doing.



Colors, tools like boo boo sticks and tweezers for dragees, Disco dust, Luster Dust, and shakers from Love ordering from Karens!






I am lucky to have lots of counter space to work on.




I love my cute red step stool



After baking and cooling, they go in “cookie only” storage tubs until I decorate.



I flood and decorate on pans with lids. I offset the lids when drying to allow for air circulation.



My version of a messy sink, lol



Decorating done and drying



Close up



My work horse, my beloved Breville mixer, I baked thousands of cookies and burned up 4 hand mixers before getting this last May. I LOVE it, its quiet, it comes with a beater scraper blade included, has a 3 year warranty and the cord stores away inside the mixer! I just adore my cute little measuring cups from my sweet friend Lisa. You can see my large fondant rolling pin and 2 Home Depot paint sticks that I use for rolling in the background.






7 thoughts on “That’s How I Roll

  1. Great looking kitchen. In our effort to help people understand that a home kitchen can be at least as clean as a Health Dept. inspected kitchen your post has done all home bakers a great service. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home kitchen and what a cool mixer.

  2. What a pretty kitchen you have, Kris! I’m jealous of all of your counter space!

  3. Love the window in your kitchen! Beautiful kitchen, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to see the “workspace” of everyone.

  4. It’s so funny- I too have watermelon soap at my kitchen kitchen sink and also keep my sink full of hot water while I decorate to clean as I go.

    • Seriously Jackie, it’s really funny how much we have in common! It’s too bad we don’t live closer!

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