Cookie Favors 101

One of my favorite things about cookies is packaging them up with cute ribbons and tags. I love wrapping presents and creating the WOW factor with a cute little gift.

Some of my online cookie friends have said they dislike wrapping favors with a passion.. I thought I would share a simple pictorial on how I do it and maybe it will help someone else.

1. I stick the tags to the bags while they are empty and flat. I use a glue dot or a photo mounting square.

2. i use a jewelry tree and taped a clothespin on one of the bars. a chip clip would work fine too.

3. I clip the bag onto the clothespin… This frees both my hands for tying on the ribbon. I use 2 coordinating ribbons on my cookies and tie a simple knot. Bows are hard for me to get uniform and use more ribbon.

One more tip, when I cut my ribbons, I wrap it around a book or picture frame that is the size of the ribbon I cut, I can cut several pieces at once, all the same size..

I hope this helps!






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